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SEM Glove™


SEM Glove™

The SEM Glove™ is an innovative and user-friendly grip strengthening aid, based on the patented non-invasive SEM™ technology (Soft Extra Muscle). The SEM Glove™ gives users the confidence and freedom needed to continue daily life. It is designed for people with impaired hand function or for people with grip-intensive occupations.

Millions of people all over the world lack the strength to lift or carry things, or perform work tasks because of weak hands, arms or shoulders. People may suffer from an impaired grip strength due to countless reasons, such as muscle and nerve damage, muscle diseases, rheumatism, and pain. The SEM Glove™ strengthens the grip and either compensates where power is lacking or adds extra force and endurance.

The SEM Glove™ consists of a glove and a lightweight power unit. The combined weight of the glove and the power unit is approximately 700 grams. The maximum power and the degree of strength added can be adjusted to suit the individual user, enabling the glove to be adapted for different needs.

A complete SEM Glove™ package consists of a glove and the SEM™ unit. SEM Glove™ is available in several sizes ranging from XS to XXL and both for the left and right hand. The power unit contains motors for each finger, two batteries and the SEM™ unit. This unit can be worn on the individual’s belt. The SEM™ unit and actual glove are connected by the SEM™ cord. This line is available in four different lengths to provide the best fit for the wearer. The SEM Glove™ is powered by two rechargeable batteries which last approx. a whole day.

1. How it works


SEM Glove™

The SEM Glove™ imitates the function of the human hand. The force in the hand grip comes normally from the muscles in the forearm. These muscles pull on the tendons that go out to your fingers. The SEM Glove™ works the same way: The pressure-sensitive sensors in the fingertips of the glove record when the user grasps an object. A microcomputer calculates the force that needs be added. It also regulates small motors, which pull on the artificial tendons that go out of the glove fingers providing the user with extra power. The greater the pressure on the sensors, the more force is added by the SEM Glove™.

The degree of added power, as well as the sensitivity, is very individual to each user. Everyone has different preferences depending on individual needs and medical history. Therefore, SEM Glove™ is built so it can be adapted to each users’ individual’s needs. For example, the length of SEM Glove™ fingers can be adjusted to suit every individual. Even the sensors can be slightly moved to suit the wearer.

For ease of use, three grip profiles can be defined. Different strength and sensibility levels can be pre-set here tailored to the wearer’s needs. Some users have for example more strength in the morning than in the afternoon. Therefore, their level of support needed differs. Another example are users that have different job tasks and hence need different levels of support for these. Once these three profiles are set, it is very easy for the wearer to switch between them when needed.

The assessment in regards to which settings are best for the user are normally done during a fitting session.

The SEM Glove™ is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. One charge approx. one working day sometimes longer depending on how much the glove is being used.

Who is the SEM Glove™ suitable for?
The SEM Glove™ is developed for people with an impaired hand function, i.e. low strength in the grip or missing endurance. To be able to use the SEM Glove™ to its fullest potential, the wearer still needs to have some hand function left. Please look here for more information.

2. Care instructions

To keep your SEM Glove™ clean and hygienic, please follow these simple instructions:


Use an additional glove if in dirty environments

Make sure that your hand is always clean before you use the SEM Glove™. Wash your hands with soap and water and disinfect with sanitizing liquid (hand rub or similar).
A thin cotton or latex glove can be used inside the SEM Glove™ for protection from dirt / sweat on the inside.
A protective glove can be used over the SEM Glove™ to protect against external dirt and/or water.
When using the SEM Glove™ in dirty, wet and / or unhygienic environments with increased risk of contamination, we always recommended that an external glove is used over the SEM Glove™. Its function will not be compromised.

The materials of the SEM Glove™ and the SEM™ unit are chosen with care. They are stain resistant and easy to clean. The SEM Glove™ and the power unit can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Never soak them as this may cause problems.
Dust and other loose particles can be removed with the help of a garment roller or soft brush. The SEM Glove™ and the power unit can be sprayed with disinfectant alcohol.

A dirty or worn SEM Glove™ can be replaced at a cost.