Robotic SEM™ Technology

As much as 5% of the population aged between 16 and 84 suffer from a disabling weak hand grip.

Reduced hand function has a large impact on both quality-of-life and the capability to perform everyday tasks.

Robotic SEM™ Technology offers the possibility to help millions of people with a weakened grip to gain new strength in their hands.

Winner of the
Robotics Innovation
Challenge 2012


SEM™ Technology helps hands perform again


Continue to enjoy life after illness or injury

Daily living

SEM™ Technology for renewed confidence

Work, live and learn with renewed confidence

With the Robotic SEM™ Glove, your everyday tasks become instantly easier.

Partner with us and access infinite possibilities with our technology

The revolutionary Robotic SEM™ Technology empowers its users and enhances their quality-of-life.

What's happening?

Press Release: GM-NASA Space Robot ‘Power’ Glove Finds New Life on Earth

06 July 2016

Press release: Agreement signed with Ottobock Scandinavia Group

17 February 2016

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